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Product Name: Defrost snow cable

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    • Product Introduction:
      Twin conductor cable
      Flexible installation
      Emit zero EMF (electromagnetic fields)
      Durable construction
      Single point safety connection
      25-Years limited warranty
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    It is twin conductor heating cable designed for ice and snow melting applications.

    Keep roof edges,gutters and downspouts ice-free.

    When designing a roof and gutter deicing system,it is a important to know that the HR-DEFROST SNOW/2R is not intended to completely eliminate snow and ice from the roof.It is simply designed to allow the free flow of melt water off the roof edge,down the gutter and downspouts,and finally away from the foundation of the structure.The heating cable length should be selected to allow the cable to serpentine along the roof edge,drop down into and then down the gutter,and then finally exit through the downspout.This will provide a complete path for the melt water to flow,which will eliminate the costly ice dams from forming on the roof edge.

    Min Installation Temp:5°C

    Approvals:CE GOST


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    Commodity Introduction


    HR-DEFROST SNOW/2R is a twin conductor heating cable with a linear power of 28 W/m, and is recommended for outdoor use in ice and snow melting applications. The heating cables are equipped with a 10 m cold lead and an 100% waterproof splice. The HR-DEFROST SNOW/2R Roof & Gutter Deicing cable is designed to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor use. This system can be installed with confidence that it will operate for years without requiring service. All components are made of the highest quality material and are tested during critical points in the manufacturing process. 



    Technical data



    Cable construction 

    Twin conductor


    Solid resistance alloy

    Conductor insulation



    Aluminium foil + Tinned copper

    Outer jacket



    Out splice/Injection connector 

    Outside diameter


    Rated voltage


    Power output


    Outer sheath Max temperature 


    Cold lead





    . Twin conductor cable

    . Flexible installation

    . Emit zero EMF (electromagnetic fields)

    . Durable construction

    . Single point safety connection 

     . 25-Years limited warranty








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