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[01-18 17:01]Heating cable installation should pay attention to the details
With the development of electric heating technology, the use of electric heating products as pipes, tanks and other equipment insulation more and more users, the technology has begun to replace the traditional way of heating. However, when installing with tropical products, due to the lack of attention to detail, with tropical, with tropical causing a lot of problems likely to arise during the installation, then the installation of electric heating products should be in the details of what the problem seriously?
[01-18 17:00]What is the electric floor heating?
Electric floor heating is the direct use of power, low temperature heating cable or electric film as the heating element to heat the ground, and then through the ground to radiation heat transfer to the interior heating of heating.
[01-18 17:00]Advantages of electric heating cable
Due to relatively low temperatures, frozen pipes blocking phenomenon may occur in the winter, and even put the cracking pipes, thus affecting pipelines, so many companies have chosen to pipe insulation, to prevent it from freezing. Before electric heating products does not appear, insulation measures are based on the use of traditional methods, although it plays a certain insulation effect, but in a complex environment and to maintain a higher temperature requirements, the traditional approach is difficult meet their needs, the emergence of electric heating products, to solve this problem.
[01-18 16:59]What is the heating cable?
Heating cables, cable structure is made to electricity for energy, heat utilization energized alloy resistance wire, to achieve the effect of heating or insulation. Usually single and double guide guide points, called the heating cable.

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