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Crankcase heater

When compressors operate in cold areas,refrigerant can migrate into the crankcase oil whenever the compressor is not running.On statr-up ,this can cause excessive nmotir wear and a loss of refrigeration efficiency.

Self regulating crankcase heaters provide reliable peak heating during critical cold periods and ,unlike convebtional constant wattage heaters,reduce their heating once the compres-sor starts up or the air temperature rises.Also self regulating heaters can be safely overlapped and closely spaced without burning out,so one size fits all hermetic compressors up to 5HP that are 40 inches or less in circumference .

Model for both 120VAC ,220VAC,230VAC are available .Each comes with a flexible lockstrap and prestripped 28-inch cold leads for easy connection and hard wiring,Use only with refriger-ation compressors in non hazardousareas


When remperatures droup,the carbon molecules in the conductive core of the Self-regulating crankcase heater create a network of electrical  paths that increase the heat output,At 0℉,for example,each heater has output of 60 watts.

When the core temperature rises-as it does when the ambient temperature increases or where the heater is over lapped on itself-the core expands and network of electrical paths bedins to disconnect.At 100℉,for example,each heater has an output of 15 watts,Therefore,the Self-regulating crankcase heater can be overlappend without overheating.

* Due to the risk of electrical shock ,arcing and fire caused by product damage or improper usage,installation or maintenance,a ground- fault protection device with a 30mA trio level must be used on each branch circuit supplying power to the crankcase heater.

* Additional materials,such as junction box and appropriate connection accessoriea must be UL listed or certified for intended use.

* Do not expose heater to temperature above 150℉.

* Do not attempt to repair damaged heating cable.If physical damage is found,the entire unit should be replaced.

* Do not use an extension cord to power the crankcase heater,the compressor surface should be inspected to ensure that it is clean and has no sharp or jagged edges that might damage the heating cable before the heater installation

* Disconnect all power before onstalling or servicing heating cable and accessories

* A  qualified rechnician should perform installation of the heating cable and accessories,Electrical connection must be in accordance with the National Electrical Code and must be protected from rain and other water

* C rankcase heaters are designed for use on refrigeration compressors and may be used only on metal hermetic compressors

* Leave these installation instructions with the uesr for future reference.


1:Wrap cable around the compressor as shown and tigten the flexible lock-strap .Make certain to have good contact between the heater and the surface of the compressor.

2 Connect leads to GFCI protected circuit.Connect black wires to power and neutral,and green wire to ground.

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