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Product Name: RDC



RDCHR series connection constant wattage heating cable use the core conductor as the heating element,when the core conductor connect to power supply,the core conductor will send out joule heat,because unit length constant power heating cable 's current and resistance is equal to all length heating cable.so the heating value of each unit is equally.not result in the power of terminal end is lower than beginning end with the increasing length of heating cable.so this type is suitable for long pipeline and large diameter pipelines heat tracing and heat preservation.power supply by one power point.


                                                 A.Conductor core                   B.C.D.FEP insulation layer and outer sheath


                                                 E.Metal braid                       F.FEP Strengthen sheath 



Product specification and technical features


Rated voltage:110V-120V.220V-380V,660V,1100V

Insulation resistance:750MKm

Dielectric strength:2×nominal voltage + 2500V

Max withstand temperature:J3-205 centigrade degree,J6-250 centigrade degree


Min installation temperature:50 centigrade degree

Notes:Longline heating is required to ensure that liquids are transported cost-effectively and safely over long distances. In the absence of longline heating, the following problems could result in significant environmental and property losses:
1. Liquids becoming too viscous
2. Gases condensing

3. Liquids freezing resulting in catastrophic pipe failures 

Longline heating applications have several challenges, such as:

1. Large pipe diameters
2. Elevation changes along the length
3. Remote locations
4. Lack of power availability along the length


For pre-insulated pipes, additional challenges include:
1. Alignment of channels
2. Lack of insulation at the pipe joints
3. Pulling long lengths of cable through the channels
4. Lack of accessibility of connection kits  



But RDC can solve all these problems!




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